The sweet & sour of the school holiday rhythm

School holidays have their own rhythm.

Don’t you think?

It’s snuggles and sleepovers on the lounge room floor in front of the heater,

After staying up too late watching late night movies.

It’s the piles of laundry that get done if you remember to do them,

And the hours pouring over recipes on Quirky cooking because you have the time to think about what you are going to feed your family,

Instead of just trying to fit it all in between school drop offs and pick ups.

It’s leisurely and lazy and there’s a settledness that comes over the house,

If you choose to accept the rhythm of it all.

If, you do.

Often I’m the mum who’s trying to fight it, rather than surrender to it.

To herd everybody back into routine, and order and beds made before they get out of them… 😉

Because there’s also the ‘what can I eat?’ and ‘I’m bored’ a hundred times a day,

And the kitchen that is always full of dirty dishes and an empty fruit bowl,

Or the bedrooms that are constantly in a state of flux,

With things strewn across their floors because two out of my three little humans like to change their outfits 5 times a day…

And perhaps it’s this that makes me want to recalibrate things in my house and around me,

Like cleaning out the pantry cupboard,

And vowing once more that I’m going to stock up on rapadura sugar and almonds and berries and cacao,

Instead of chocolate and cakes and sweet and processed snacks.

But you know what?

Before I know it, they’ll be grown up and leaving home…

Then there won’t be the nagging and asking for something to eat,

Or the piles of laundry and wishing the house was cleaner….

Because it will be quiet and empty,

And different.

For now, I’ve taught myself to love the mess and the nagging and the unstructured days,

And to simply go with the flow and love the moments.

I have also just found out that my uncle has stage 4 cancer and once again,

In the midst of tears and the shock and the unbelief,

There is a sure as fire need in me to make sure I cherish my now with every single bit of  my heart,

And to not wish it away or try and make it perfect.

There is no perfect in this life we live.

There are just moments that are profound if we choose to let ourselves see the glory of them…

Happy school holidays my friends.

I hope you find the joy in each messy, out of routine moment and find your rhythm.

Cate x

Cate is a singer/song writer and Founder of the Inspire Collective – a creative movement whose mission is to inspire and connect women to discover their purpose, embrace their passion and live with courage and creativity.