Leaning into the Stretch

Sometimes you have to lean into the uncomfortable areas of life.

I have had to do this a few times these past few months.

King David calls it ‘encouraging yourself in the Lord.’

For others, its called ‘putting your big girl pants on’

…And pulling them up real high.

I don’t mind which term you use, but I know that we are often required to lean into the stretch

And that it’s hard

And it takes courage

And it is often humbling,

Even overwhelming.

You may be facing the stretch at work,

Maybe in your family with trying kids,

Maybe in your marriage with issues that are difficult to resolve.

Today I was stretched to capacity trying to finish a song I was writing for the new album.

I am constantly faced with my fear of it not translating the way I want it to

Or of it not being good enough.

I wanted to run from the challenge when it got too hard,

But ended up spending two days reworking the song and ultimately getting it to a place where I am now happy with it.

Many of us, like me, tend to want to run when faced with the stretch,

But I have personally found that this makes for a miserable, unfulfilled life.

Because unless you face the stretch then it can easily dominate you

And force you to live a half life,

Or a life wracked up in insecurity or pain or heartache or timidity or living below what you were born to do.

The bible talks about enlarging your tent pegs.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve had that word given to me as an encouragement!


I don’t like getting that scripture because I know what will inevitably follow…

It means stretch, and a pushing back of the old, familiar and comfortable.

It means enlarging my capacity for things,

For people, for my kids, for projects, for God, for His will in my life…

And while I know that without the stretch there will not be growth,

I always find it hard to lean into.

So today,

As I’m sitting here writing this,

I have many reasons (completely justified)

As to why I could easily run away from the stretch,

But like you,

I’m going to choose to put my big girl pants on

And lean into it.

I know that at the end,

I’m going to have a character that has God’s humility all over it,

And His kindness and unmistakable compassion.

I’m going to be doing things that I never dreamed of because I said yes to the stretch,

Even when I felt completely vulnerable and out of my depth and inadequate.

I’m going to have relationships that are marked with grace and love,

Not just tolerance and getting by because I have to.

It’s up to me

And you.

Lean into the stretch today because it is the place where you will find the greatest satisfaction, purpose and growth in your life.

I know this to be true 🙂

Cate x