Love it or Chuck it.

Love it or Chuck it. Deep Editing your Life.


I’ve been thinking about culling.

Even the word sounds aggressive.

It reminds me of getting rid of kangaroos or rabbits or something.

But I’m in that mood.

Sometimes everything I see needs to go.

I feel closed in,

Surrounded by too much clutter.

There’s not enough space to think and create and breathe,

Because I’m too busy trying to maintain the stuff that takes up that space.

My space is sacred.

My need to have room around me helps me to see clearly and think more purposefully.

So right now,

I want to chuck it all.



Make room for what’s really important.

Allow my mind to take back the space it should have to think and dream and be free to wonder.

Sometimes I feel like a bird trying to take flight,

But I’m hindered by little weights on its wings,

I’m unable to get off the ground.

A bit dramatic I know,

But sometimes that’s how I feel.

Looking around at the capacity filled wardrobe,

The stacked kitchen cupboards,

The garage filled with the things that won’t fit in the house,

The wad of paperwork…

When things don’t fit in the space you have allocated for it anymore,

It’s definitely time to have a frenzied cull.

I was listening to my lovely friend Elaine Fraser at the retreat I ran the other week.

She told a wonderful story about deep editing your life.

Deep editing, amongst other things,

Is the process of going through each aspect of your life tediously,

And deciding whether you want it or not.

On returning home from a writer’s retreat,

She had decided to deep edit her house.

‘Love it or chuck it,’

Was her mantra.

With papers and books and things sprawled across her floor,

She went on a serious deep edit of all the things she wanted to keep,

And those that needed to go.

Love it or chuck it.

I love the idea and I plan on doing it over the course of the next few months.

Deep editing our lives,

Our houses,

Our surrounds,

Our emotional states,

Is a necessary process from time to time.

We have to cull.

We have to de-clutter.

We have to have a darn good throw out.

What do you have to get rid of right now?

Are you like me,

Your house just needs a good old do over.

You need to clean out linen closets and bookshelves and office space…

Or do you need to deep edit some residual emotions,

Some thoughts or memories that you know if you don’t deal with,

It will cloud out your space and take over your mind.

It will deal with you.

What do you love and what do you hate right now?

What is giving you peace as you look around your home

And what is causing you sleepless nights.

Get rid of it.

You will free up emotional energy,

You will regain clarity,

And you will be able to sharpen once more your focus,

So that the important things in life

Once more take their place of priority.

Would you join me?

I’d so love to hear what and how you do this,

And if there’s anything in your life right now that you know needs to go.

Cate x

Nothing can happen til after next weekend.

Nothing can happen til after next weekend.

There’s been an eerie haze over the city the last couple of days.

It’s calming, yet a little unsettling because it happens to coincide with a tetrad of blood moons and such…

Not that I’m a conspiracy theorist,

Not by any means.

But being the person that I am,

I can’t help but begin thinking about the end of things.

I don’t like thinking about the end of things,

Especially when I know the God of the bible is into new beginnings and new mercies and new opportunities.

I’m not saying He wouldn’t get to the point where He has had enough,

But I find it hard to reconcile things on this earth coming to an end when there is so much life left to live.

My friends have been dreaming about apocalypses and tidal waves,

Tsunamis and final countdowns.

All a bit unnerving really.

There’s a super moon, a blood moon, an eclipse…

I’m sure there’s more,

And I know that it lines up with Jewish festivals.

I am not ignorant of these things.

To be honest,

I don’t know what it means, if it means anything at all,

Spiritually speaking.

But I do know that as a christian I am called to discern the seasons and the times.

And there have been some crazy things going down lately.

Like ISIS and the marriage equality debate,

An issue only 10 years ago much of the Australian population would have scoffed at,

Let alone entertained.

Like the Syrian refugee crisis and the number of women and children going into sexual slavery.

I remember my Grandma saying that her Grandma thought the world was going to end back then.

But we’re still here.

Atrocities and injustices,

The martyrdom of christians…

So many bad things.

But then again, so, so many good things.

Maybe the world is just getting smaller,

Or rather,

Our awareness of these issues is being made more readily available.

I don’t know.

But I do know that we are living in unprecedented times.

The world is moving at a fast pace,

And I am determined to ride that train until its very end,

Whatever that looks like.

Right now,

I turn my attention to kids who need help with their homework,

To the friend who is trying to overcome addiction,

To the album I am putting vocals down for, that I know will influence many lives.

To the message of redemption and hope that I get the privilege of speaking to 75 creative, exceptional women next weekend at Inspire Retreat.

I will look out my window on Saturday at the red moon and once again wonder what it all means,

Whilst simultaneously whispering at its glowing form,

‘Nothing is allowed to change until after next weekend.’

I have a retreat to be at.

Excuse me while I focus on the life yet to live.

Cate x