The TO-DO list didn’t get a look in today…

I managed to get through about 3 items on my TO-DO list today.

It’s always a wrestle for me,

Especially the busier I get.

If it isn’t on there, it doesn’t get done

And I find that I go backwards in my progress.

Emails pile up, so does the washing,

I get cranky and feel a little out of control.

But then days like today,

I forget about the TO-DO list,

Accidentally, but kind of deliberately…

And let life happen.

Stuff still gets done, but maybe not as much as I’d like

Or in the order I’d like,

But I find that if I don’t give myself a break and allow for the non TO-DO list days,

Then I feel a bit like a robot,

Living an automated, cross this off the list kind of person.

And I’ve decided that’s not the way I want to spend every day of every year.

Some days, like today,

I go off the grid,

Choosing instead to ignore the list and live life as it comes.

I remember the woman in the ad that was played at the Fresh conference last week who said,

One thing she’d do differently if she had her time again was get rid of her TO-DO list.

So today…

I took purple stocks and strawberries to a dear friend,

And talked of retreats and the future in the spring sunshine.

I spent time with my husband,

Watching Everest and eating popcorn during a day time movie.

I cleaned my house and put washing on,

Scurried around tidying things and making beds.

I took my son to get his new orthodics,

Bought the boys powerade, pringles and red zinc for their sports carnival.

I got my boys the haircuts they’d been asking me to get them for weeks.

I listened to the new songs for the album,

And made times for rehearsals and launches with band members.

I text friends messages of care and love,

And laboured in prayer over the people close to my heart right now.

I took the dog for a walk and kicked a soccer ball with my middle son.

And just now, I taught my daughter how to spoon.

“Like this Mummy?”  she says, as she drapes her little leg over my body and pushes her face into my back.

I prayed, listened, wrote, ate, cuddled, washed, wiped, drove, dreamed, planned, paid, walked, spooned and a whole host of other things.

The TO-DO list didn’t get a look in today.

I know it’ll be there for me tomorrow,

Or the next day.

It can wait, but life can’t.

Cate x