Filling the Void

I met a girl the other day.

She was beautiful.

And as she spoke, her eyes told me she was desperate for answers.

She longed for some wisdom that would still the loud scream in her soul for something more.

‘I’ve been there, done that,’ she said.



Other men.

‘I’ve tried it all and nothing has done it for me.’

She’d been left empty.

Uninspired and unsatisfied.

I don’t believe she’s alone.

In fact, I believe we all have a void that we are searching to fill.

That we try stuffing with something.

Some new high.

Some different thing.

You can’t see it but you know it’s there because it sends you looking for things.

It stirs up the waters of your soul and leaves you scratching and itching for something more.

It drives you to want and to desire.

But in reality, all that we really want is a fulfilled life.

I mean a TRULY fulfilling life.

The kind that engages you and leaves you feeling full.

That silences the unrest and the dissatisfaction.

I’ll tell you what does it for me.

For me, the only One who fills the void is God.

I’m aware of this when I spend time with Him.

Hearing Him whisper to me about my destiny.

Why I was put on this crazy earth.

And what He wants me to do with the life He’s given me.

It’s the thing that fills the void in my heart.

He’s the only void filler I know that leads to a truly fulfilling life.

Everything else I’ve tried has lead to something less than satisfying.

It’s left me cold.

Ship wrecked.

My pulse quickened for a moment.

But then ended up coming almost to a complete stop.

Once I’ve experienced God, the great Lover of my soul, I can look at myself in the mirror.

With all my failings and inadequacies.

And love what I see.

Not hate it.

Because I know that He, the God of my soul.

Loves what He sees.

So much more than I do.

I can rest after I have tasted of the love He has for me and mine.

I can stop striving and searching.

I can stop looking to someone else and something else to pour into the void and fill it up so it goes away.

Some void fillers hurt the people you love.

Some even lead to death.

But when Christ pours Himself into your soul you experience freedom from the longing.

True peace from the storm.

And perfect rest.

Because Your Creator has taken up His rightful place

And You can relax.

He’s not another fix that fades away when the moment ends.

Like no other, He’s a constant.

And He keeps me sailing towards true North.

Without Him I would be found on the dangerous, high seas of searching to fill that void forever,

but with God, my anchor holds and I am found.

~ Cate x