How do you make your dreams a reality?

Craig Groeschel, author of a number of christian books on leadership and influence,

Says that your best ideas happen in the margins.

A margin is a space you intentionally set aside from the daily goings on that fill it,

To seek out the life that you were born to live.It’s like down time or a deliberate zoning out period,

And it becomes a priority in your day as much as cooking the meal or driving to work.

The margin is where creativity soars and where dreams come into being.

The margin is where you reflect and re-posture your heart.

The margin is when you gain the big picture,

Touch the deeper reason for your existence,

When you become most inspired.

Margins are where dreams are created.

For the creative, the margins are where songs are written, books are penned, paintings are crafted.

For the entrepreneur, the margins are where ideas exist, where innovation sprouts, where seeds are gathered into harvest.

For the leader, the margins are where direction crystallizes, where vision is captured and where new horizons are birthed.

If you don’t allow time for the margins,

You will never reach your full potential or discover the depths of what it is you were put on this earth to do.

Are you running from one thing to the next,

Overwhelmed by a busy schedule but never actually kicking goals in the areas that you dream of?

Are you too busy to create?

Is the dream that you have had on your heart still not eventuated,

But you are hoping that one day it will?

These things rarely find themselves.

Dreams particularly are elusive creatures,

And they happen to be found in the margins.

If you have things laying dormant in your life that you keep saying to yourself,

‘One day I’m going to do this,’

‘If only I had time to invest in that,’

Realise that it’s not going to happen unless you intentionally map time out to make it happen.

You will get busy,

You will get sidetracked with the daily goings on of life.

And that in itself isn’t a bad thing.

It’s when you get so immersed in the routines that you forget to look up and see the bigger picture,

That you forget to switch your dreamer back on,

And that makes for a dull existence.

We all need to see the grander scheme that surrounds our lives.

Are you aching to touch that?

Some keys that Groeschel talks about that I have begun implementing in my own life to free up more margin time are as follows.

  1. Create a ‘To-Don’t List.’

As your life increases in busyness,

Some of the things you once did you won’t be able to do anymore.

Groeschel recommends saying no to many small things so that you can say yes to a few big things.

If you want to live a life of influence,

If you want margin time so that you can do what it is you’ve been dreaming of doing,

You have to stop doing everything,

And learn to say yes to the things that you value most that you aren’t doing.

Write down 3 or more things periodically that you can take off your ‘to do’ list and place on your ‘to don’t’ list.

Yes you may offend people,

But learning to respectfully say no to some things is part of growing in maturity and wisdom.

2. Another tip he suggests is scheduling your values.

So often we fill our days with the necessary, but mundane and routine things first.

He recommends putting in your calendar the things that are most important to you first,

Making sure that they’re the things that fill your tank,

And that are high on your value list.

Things like,

Family time,

Marriage and date nights,

Holidays & spontaneous trips out,

Time to work out,

Time for hobbies,

Time with God,

You margin time,

To name a few.

Each of these areas will be different depending on who you are,

But make sure you schedule them in before putting the rest of your life on the calendar.

You’ll find that it will encourage you rather than drain you and this in turn will create a life that is more inspired.

You’ll notice that these two tips in themselves,

Once applied,

Will begin to free up your life.

We are called to be good stewards of our time,

And being intentional with how we spend it is critical if we are wanting to have the space we desire to dream and begin actioning these dreams.

Dreams happen in the margins.

We need to create more margin time and we do this by scheduling our values and saying no to the small things so that we can say yes to the things that matter most.

Hope this helps.

Cate x









Will you show up and be seen?

It takes audacity to create.

Sometimes I’m willing to take the risks it requires,

Putting my heart out there,

Bearing my soul,

Bathing the canvas in whatever hues the day has given me,

Whether they’re washed blue with soul or white with purity,

Pink with promise or black with despair…

Letting myself be seen for who I really am…

They’re all decisions that require some kind of audacity.


Vulnerability and courage.

Grit and poise to remain true to the call.

There are the days that I’d rather cover it all up and read a book or pretend like that pull on me isn’t there.

You know that pull?

The one that is always calling,

To make,

To dream,

To grow taller,

To be bigger,

To rip the webs of fear and timidity off and live more fearlessly.

It’s a conscious decision every time I create,

To give wings to the whisper that lives inside the dreamer…

You can give the dreamer a voice,

Or you can shut it down.

Last night,

I made a conscious decision to let the whisper become a shout,

As I held the first Inspire Collective.

Going into it,

My appetite waned,

My sweat glands got a decent work out,

There were many sleepless nights and a million questions.

Was I not trusting?


But it felt like it.

Was I exercising my audacious muscles going into something unchartered?

I was desperately trying to.

Whoever said painting a blank canvas was easy?

There’s nothing there for goodness sake!

You create what you see and if what you’re seeing is all wrong,



You’re stuffed.

A while back,

I dreamed of something wonderful.

Since that time, it had been swirling around in my audacious dreamer,

Soaring between reality and imagination.

I’d been wrestling with wanting to expose the dream to others.

Last night I chose to own it and step into it,

Not knowing where it would go.

Sometimes to get to a new place,

We have to take a reckless first step,

Because that’s often the step that propels us into flight.

What if I fail?  Oh but Darling, what if you fly?

I have people around me who I have dreams for.

Eventually, if you give the dream room to breathe,

It becomes bigger than just you flying.

It becomes about the others around you who are desperately trying to get off the ground…

Audacity comes from owning your story

And then taking responsibility for helping others transform theirs,

Into something beautiful and metamorphic.

Charged with purpose,

These are women who know who they are and who walk in the fullness of their destiny.

Embellished with all sorts of beauty,

Shining and resplendent because they’ve believed in their own dreams and are living them.

Who am I?

I’m just Cate.

Owning audacity is my word right now.

Letting the colour and the form and the mood of it wash over me is what I’m about.

Who am I?

A self confessed introvert, melancholy most days, shy and many times definitely awkward in one on one conversations.

But who am I?

I’m audacious.

Passionate about seeing women become courageous enough to withstand the seasons of their life and come out the other side with a story of hope and courage.

Firey about not letting self doubt and fear rip into the fabric of their delicate souls,

But calling them to step up and into,

A fantastic,


Unimaginably wild ride of a life.

To become their best selves.

The selves that God intended them to become.

Who are you?

Are you prepared to experiment with an audacious mindset,

And take some bold risks?

Stab some fears in the guts?

Step into a new season?

Kick off the restraints that have held you back?

I’m choosing to live an audacious life in this season.


Minute by minute,

Risk taking.

Ridiculously in your face kinds of ‘take that’ decisions.

Conscious, intentional choices to show up and be seen.

Because I know that’s where the growth and the magic is.

Will you join me?

Cate x