Will you show up and be seen?

It takes audacity to create.

Sometimes I’m willing to take the risks it requires,

Putting my heart out there,

Bearing my soul,

Bathing the canvas in whatever hues the day has given me,

Whether they’re washed blue with soul or white with purity,

Pink with promise or black with despair…

Letting myself be seen for who I really am…

They’re all decisions that require some kind of audacity.


Vulnerability and courage.

Grit and poise to remain true to the call.

There are the days that I’d rather cover it all up and read a book or pretend like that pull on me isn’t there.

You know that pull?

The one that is always calling,

To make,

To dream,

To grow taller,

To be bigger,

To rip the webs of fear and timidity off and live more fearlessly.

It’s a conscious decision every time I create,

To give wings to the whisper that lives inside the dreamer…

You can give the dreamer a voice,

Or you can shut it down.

Last night,

I made a conscious decision to let the whisper become a shout,

As I held the first Inspire Collective.

Going into it,

My appetite waned,

My sweat glands got a decent work out,

There were many sleepless nights and a million questions.

Was I not trusting?


But it felt like it.

Was I exercising my audacious muscles going into something unchartered?

I was desperately trying to.

Whoever said painting a blank canvas was easy?

There’s nothing there for goodness sake!

You create what you see and if what you’re seeing is all wrong,



You’re stuffed.

A while back,

I dreamed of something wonderful.

Since that time, it had been swirling around in my audacious dreamer,

Soaring between reality and imagination.

I’d been wrestling with wanting to expose the dream to others.

Last night I chose to own it and step into it,

Not knowing where it would go.

Sometimes to get to a new place,

We have to take a reckless first step,

Because that’s often the step that propels us into flight.

What if I fail?  Oh but Darling, what if you fly?

I have people around me who I have dreams for.

Eventually, if you give the dream room to breathe,

It becomes bigger than just you flying.

It becomes about the others around you who are desperately trying to get off the ground…

Audacity comes from owning your story

And then taking responsibility for helping others transform theirs,

Into something beautiful and metamorphic.

Charged with purpose,

These are women who know who they are and who walk in the fullness of their destiny.

Embellished with all sorts of beauty,

Shining and resplendent because they’ve believed in their own dreams and are living them.

Who am I?

I’m just Cate.

Owning audacity is my word right now.

Letting the colour and the form and the mood of it wash over me is what I’m about.

Who am I?

A self confessed introvert, melancholy most days, shy and many times definitely awkward in one on one conversations.

But who am I?

I’m audacious.

Passionate about seeing women become courageous enough to withstand the seasons of their life and come out the other side with a story of hope and courage.

Firey about not letting self doubt and fear rip into the fabric of their delicate souls,

But calling them to step up and into,

A fantastic,


Unimaginably wild ride of a life.

To become their best selves.

The selves that God intended them to become.

Who are you?

Are you prepared to experiment with an audacious mindset,

And take some bold risks?

Stab some fears in the guts?

Step into a new season?

Kick off the restraints that have held you back?

I’m choosing to live an audacious life in this season.


Minute by minute,

Risk taking.

Ridiculously in your face kinds of ‘take that’ decisions.

Conscious, intentional choices to show up and be seen.

Because I know that’s where the growth and the magic is.

Will you join me?

Cate x



Creativity, Courage and Finding my Tribe: SPARC 2015

Off the back of the SPARC conference in Sydney this weekend,

(A national conference for christian creatives for those unversed),

I have been devouring all that has been penned by Erwin Raphael McManus.

His latest offering, The Artisan Soul has sparked some seriously life changing thought processes,

Which I see as the beginning of yet another chapter in this amazing journey I’m finding myself on.

Over the weekend I found myself engaged in conversations with the brave ones,

Artists, painters, singers, authors, actors, visual artists, activists, and more.

Why brave?

These courageous and soulful individuals have made art and creativity their home,

And by virtue of that fact have faced their own inadequacies and fears and have in many ways paved new frontiers,

And stood boldly on precipices and cliffs,

Shouting passionate declarations of truth and beauty,

Of God’s redemptive nature and His love into these voids.

I have realised that this is my tribe.

The Artisan Souls

The ones who have had the courage to be their truest selves.

I also came to a realisation by the time the weekend ended,

That I, and all these others, are bridges.

The way I see it,

We make a way through our own vulnerability, authenticity, God musings and life journeys,

For others to find confidence in their own.

We are bridges.

We make it safe to cross over from places of loneliness, isolation, misunderstanding and often sorrow,

To broad places of joy, hope, deliverance, life and restoration.

Through our God given creativity and the expression of it,

Our lives seek to make a way for those who need to make sense of it all

And who need the love and hope that only Christ can provide.


But living the life of the artisan is not for the faint hearted.

It’s not for the ones who like to live in the shadows or seek to simply exist,

To watch, to play it safe.

Artisan Souls share their bed with risk and failure.

They live simply, but intentionally,

They craft beauty out of rawness and coat canvases in colour wrought from their own vulnerability.

They are the ‘sure in their own skin ones’,

Not because they have it all together,

But because they are (and continue to be) willing to go through the rigorous and often painful process of staring at their souls,

Of looking at their identity under a microscope and dissecting it with a scalpel

Until they have peeled away all the fluff,

The ‘not real’ and ‘hiding’ in the shadows of safe,

So that they can then make a way for others to understand who they are,

To risk their sacred so that it becomes a secure, steely railing for others to walk over.

They are comfortable with their imperfection because they know that Christ covered it all when He died on the cross,

And they exhibit courage in the face of life because they have found what they are here on this earth to do.

They are the ones who dream and having dreamt,

Risk, and having risked,


Knowing that their art is an expression of themselves.

And it is in this place that their art becomes profound and moving and life transforming for God’s glory.

As McManus says,

There may be no virtue more admired by those who understand themselves as artists than authenticity.

It takes guts to be authentic and real.

And I have found a tribe of real ones,

Of ones who dare to put their heart and soul on the line

So that others may find their own explanation

Their own inspiration

Their own purpose.

Over the weekend,

My conversations with these Artisan Souls

Broached subjects like failings, victories, fears, misunderstandings and judgements from others,

Identity, beauty, redemption, brokenness, wholeness,

Hope, bright futures, reformation in the church, social justice,

Courageous decisions, bold artistic choices, and so many other things…

These braves ones,

These ones who dare to explore themselves,

To risk in front so that others may find peace and understanding and God,

These are the ones I am running with and am honoured to call my tribe.

It was only a year ago I was asking God to show me what this drawing to the creative sphere in the church and to artists,

To the ones whose frequency is 52 hertz,

And asking why He had called me to be a bridge between the disillusioned and God,

To those on the fringes and God,

To the ones who had a calling to exhibit His beauty in ways not experienced or seen before in the church…..

I am in awe of where I am just one year later and of how I am seeing the pieces of His puzzle coming together.

We are in for a reformation in all things creative in the church

And I feel giddy as I consider the implications of what I learned this weekend,

Of what was imparted and envisioned.

Of who I met and what they are bringing to the table.

New meals, varieties of delicacies and wonderful, exhilarating, never before seen dishes to feast upon.

A creative renaissance is on the horizon.

We carry the DNA of the Creator Himself.

How can we not live lives that are extraordinary and where everything we create reflects beauty and breathes life

And that brings transformation into every sphere we are called to influence,

Not least the creative world!

Cate x