The Journey into Audacity

I’ve been studying the word audacity.

As I said in my last post,

Someone felt that it was a word in season for me.

I want to encourage you to explore this word and what it might mean for you at this time of your life

And in the various roles you play.

To recap,

Audacity is simply a willingness to be daring,




Recklessly bold…

I’m learning what it means to be an audacious mum.

And I can’t say I’m down with it yet.

I’m getting there, but it’s causing a huge stretch!

I wouldn’t describe my natural parenting style as audacious.

Far from it.

Rather, I’d describe my approach as peaceable, relaxed, non confrontational…

I’m back in school right now.

Parenting school.

For me, it’s most definitely easier to shrink back,

Especially in the face of conflict.

My natural response,

As a melancholy/phlegmatic personality is to retreat.

It’s to ‘talk through’ the situation with my children,

Find a place of agreement,

Work it out with as little conflict as possible.

Often that means that I take the low road,

I don’t enjoy conflict remember.

But let me explain.

I live in a house with 3 A type personalities,

Two of which are my children (the other is my husband).

It makes for some fun times in our house.

I have no idea what the neighbours think of us.

My only consolation is that they still wave at us when they pull out of their driveways…


A type personalities,

Otherwise known as cholerics,

Are natural ‘bosses.’

They are used to dominating any situation,

Rather than having their situation dominate them.

But you see, this is the thing I’m learning.

It doesn’t matter what kind of personality you have.

In certain circumstances,

You have to supersede your natural bent and sway,

And operate out of a method that is sometimes unnatural to you.

It can potentially stretch you beyond every comfort zone you’ve known.

I have often found myself retreating instead of stepping up to the mark.

Many times.

My natural inclination as a peacemaker,

Rather than have to confront the conflict head on with phrases like,

‘You’ll do this on my terms,’

‘I am the boss’,

‘You will do what you’re told when I say it.’

Rather than letting the strong will of those who I co habit with,

Overrule my authority.

Being audacious as a mum for me means facing conflict head on,

Sometimes slamming it with a sledgehammer.

A sledgehammer of wills,

An exercising of authority that is hardly gentle,

And totally the opposite of what I’d consider normally doing.

But for the sake of my children, my marriage, my sanity,

Being audacious is a requirement in this season of motherhood for me.

What about you?

What areas are you needing to become more audacious in?

Has your authority been overruled and stamped on?

Do you need to become more fearless, more brave, more bold in the choices you make as a mum?

I’ll be looking further into this idea of what it means to be audacious,

As a parent,

As a woman,

As a friend,

As a business person,

As a leader,

As a pastor,

As a writer,

As a musician,

Over the next few weeks.

I hope you can join me on that journey,

And I would love to hear your thoughts.

Cate x


The Other Days…

Today for me was a day where nothing really went as planned.

I overslept, woke up with a headache and then realised I’d sent my youngest son to school with his dad on an excursion in the wrong uniform.

Great way to get a Monday under way.

I got out of my pj’s, brushed my hair, splashed some water on my face then raced down to school with his correct uniform before he got on the bus.

Then I came home, looked at the housework and went back to bed.

Some days are just like that.

I think we need to give ourselves permission to have them.

Life is a long event, and you’re not always going to be on your ‘best game’ every day.

We’d like to think we will, but in reality it’s not do-able.

You have to give yourself permission to have the days that aren’t so great.

The days where things don’t go to plan.

The days when your housework stays undone and you hang out in your pjs

Just because you can and they’re comfy and you just bought them…

Sometimes you have seasons that are downers.

A colleague has said something to you at work, and you find that it shakes you and moulds who you are in that space into a different person.

Your child has an attitude or has made a choice that you have no control over and it influences your whole household.

You get an injury at the gym that causes everyday chores to become hard.

You go through a difficult financial season where you can’t seem to get on top of your bills.

Your plans for something are not going the way you intended them to and you get disappointed and a bit stuck.

You are diagnosed with an illness that changes the course of your life.

Seasons are harder to deal with than a single day, because they threaten to take the clay of your life and mould it into a totally different vessel than the one you had intended it to be.

That’s hard.

But not impossible to cope with.

We can actually tackle these things in God’s strength when we don’t have our own to get us through.

And we can actually draw on His peace when we can’t find our own.

I find it’s always valuable to put each day in perspective.

Each season.

Each one will come and go, with its own tidal mood,

But the promise is that you get another one to try again with.

And another one.

And another one.

Fortunately, today was just an off day for me.

I am blessed in this season of my life right now where everything seems to be going in an upward trajectory.

But sometimes,

Like today,

I have a moment, where its easier to let the day dictate to me where it’s at rather than me dictate to the day,

And to remember that there’s a lot of life left to live

And that I am learning how to gracefully ride the highs and lows of each day and season as it comes,

Even if it means sometimes doing it in my pj’s.

Cate x