Will you show up and be seen?

It takes audacity to create.

Sometimes I’m willing to take the risks it requires,

Putting my heart out there,

Bearing my soul,

Bathing the canvas in whatever hues the day has given me,

Whether they’re washed blue with soul or white with purity,

Pink with promise or black with despair…

Letting myself be seen for who I really am…

They’re all decisions that require some kind of audacity.


Vulnerability and courage.

Grit and poise to remain true to the call.

There are the days that I’d rather cover it all up and read a book or pretend like that pull on me isn’t there.

You know that pull?

The one that is always calling,

To make,

To dream,

To grow taller,

To be bigger,

To rip the webs of fear and timidity off and live more fearlessly.

It’s a conscious decision every time I create,

To give wings to the whisper that lives inside the dreamer…

You can give the dreamer a voice,

Or you can shut it down.

Last night,

I made a conscious decision to let the whisper become a shout,

As I held the first Inspire Collective.

Going into it,

My appetite waned,

My sweat glands got a decent work out,

There were many sleepless nights and a million questions.

Was I not trusting?


But it felt like it.

Was I exercising my audacious muscles going into something unchartered?

I was desperately trying to.

Whoever said painting a blank canvas was easy?

There’s nothing there for goodness sake!

You create what you see and if what you’re seeing is all wrong,



You’re stuffed.

A while back,

I dreamed of something wonderful.

Since that time, it had been swirling around in my audacious dreamer,

Soaring between reality and imagination.

I’d been wrestling with wanting to expose the dream to others.

Last night I chose to own it and step into it,

Not knowing where it would go.

Sometimes to get to a new place,

We have to take a reckless first step,

Because that’s often the step that propels us into flight.

What if I fail?  Oh but Darling, what if you fly?

I have people around me who I have dreams for.

Eventually, if you give the dream room to breathe,

It becomes bigger than just you flying.

It becomes about the others around you who are desperately trying to get off the ground…

Audacity comes from owning your story

And then taking responsibility for helping others transform theirs,

Into something beautiful and metamorphic.

Charged with purpose,

These are women who know who they are and who walk in the fullness of their destiny.

Embellished with all sorts of beauty,

Shining and resplendent because they’ve believed in their own dreams and are living them.

Who am I?

I’m just Cate.

Owning audacity is my word right now.

Letting the colour and the form and the mood of it wash over me is what I’m about.

Who am I?

A self confessed introvert, melancholy most days, shy and many times definitely awkward in one on one conversations.

But who am I?

I’m audacious.

Passionate about seeing women become courageous enough to withstand the seasons of their life and come out the other side with a story of hope and courage.

Firey about not letting self doubt and fear rip into the fabric of their delicate souls,

But calling them to step up and into,

A fantastic,


Unimaginably wild ride of a life.

To become their best selves.

The selves that God intended them to become.

Who are you?

Are you prepared to experiment with an audacious mindset,

And take some bold risks?

Stab some fears in the guts?

Step into a new season?

Kick off the restraints that have held you back?

I’m choosing to live an audacious life in this season.


Minute by minute,

Risk taking.

Ridiculously in your face kinds of ‘take that’ decisions.

Conscious, intentional choices to show up and be seen.

Because I know that’s where the growth and the magic is.

Will you join me?

Cate x



It’s time to Choose: Courage or Comfort

You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.  Brene Brown

Why not?

Honestly, right now, I don’t like this quote.

I want both.

Audacity is too hard a lot of the time.

It requires constantly facing fears and picking myself up by the bootstraps and lots of self talk and prayer.

Lots of remembering what God said and meditating on His promises over my life.

Are you being asked to go in a direction you’ve never taken before?

Are you feeling uncomfortable with the stretch?

Are you being asked to be audacious?

To exercise courage?

Without stretch, I’m learning there’s little growth.

We find comfort and we like it there.

We find a place to settle and things can potentially get musty and stale.

Being uncomfortable is part of living an audacious life.

You are constantly on the cusp of movement,

Of progression,

Of change,

Of leaving the old tasting wine for the new.

New wine needs a new wine skin.

It means risk and sometimes letting people down and all sorts of other hard things.

But I find that God likes change.

He is the creator of innovation.

Yes, there’s nothing new under the sun,

But man are there new frontiers that we haven’t explored yet!

God is constantly offering us to taste the new wine.

He loves partnering with His kids,

As they dive into a new landscape,

In complete faith and trust,

And watching their response as they realise He was in it and He got them there.

Abandoned trust.

An audacious spirit.

As a musician,

As a worshipper,

I’m being challenged to explore new frontiers in what this looks like.

But I remember praying years ago that I wanted to reach people,

That I wanted to go where He wanted to send me.

I wanted to reach people beyond the walls of the church.

To be audacious means to have a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.

To some it looks like recklessness.

I wonder if people thought Moses was being reckless when he took a gazillion Israelites into the middle of the desert with no food.

Or when they got to the Sea and didn’t know where to go from there.

I’m sure he was packing himself.

It was a place he hadn’t been before.

He didn’t know what this looked like.

But it gave God a massive, most history making opportunity to show up.

I wonder if Abraham stressed out when God asked him to pack up and leave everything he had established

And move out into a land he’d never been to before.

I wonder if Peter freaked out when he got out of the boat to walk on water.

None of these men had even done these things before.

But God commanded them to go,

To be audacious,

To be a little reckless,

To ‘fear not’,

To take courage,

Because God was with them.

Sometimes, God asks you to leave the shores of certainty,

And dive into the waters of bold risk.

I want to reach the hearts of those who need God,

Who need His love and His peace

And His patchworking skills that mend up all the holes in their broken hearts.

Music reaches the heart.

When music is coupled with an outflow of the spirit of God,

It has the power to bring transformation to hearts.

I believe this with my whole heart.

Always have.

Music can heal.

It can restore and set free.

It’s a vehicle that God has used throughout history to bring down walls,


(See Jericho)

To set enemies to flight,

To release people from demons.

King David sang and played and Saul got delivered.

When partnering with the Holy Spirit,

Music and the words we speak bring deep transformation.

They can touch a world.

As an audacious musician,

As a lyricist,

As a song writer desiring to touch the heart of this generation,

To tap into the rhythms of their heart,

And give them a taste of a life giving, life altering God,

I feel like I am increasingly being asked by God to stretch my perception of what this partnership with Him looks like.

I feel like David,

Having to encourage himself in the Lord.

I am completely out of my depth.

I am in way over my head.

But I am trusting and pursuing and praying like never before.

And that is all I can do.

Cate x













The Journey into Audacity as a Woman

What does it mean to be an audacious woman?

As I’m exploring this word this month because it’s a personal pilgrimage I’m on,

I have found it is something that I am leaning into with ever increasing intentionality and determination.

It’s not a natural inclination for me.

As a woman, to be audacious means being courageous,

And daring,

And making decisions that are often perceived as too forward or ‘out there.’

Queen Esther was audacious.

She put her own agenda secondary as she stepped out and dared to believe that she had a voice before the King.

I feel we as women would do well to model this woman’s life.

Our King, Jesus Christ,

Is often waiting for us as women to take the lid off our selves,

And to recognise that we have a voice and we have His ear.

With that voice,

And as a woman who knows the power of her voice,

We have the ability to liberate others,

And to make choices that are bold and strong and sometimes unconventional.

Queen Esther approached the King on behalf of others,

And we as women living in this generation,

Have exactly the same right.

Many of us need to regain our voice before the King,

Living as if we already know we have His ear.

Which we do.

What are you asking for?

Are you asking for anything?

Do you have audacity when it comes to asking God for things for your own life,

Or do you get crushed under the weight of ‘I’m not good enough to ask for anything.’

To be audacious as a woman

Means knowing who you are,

And knowing that you are good enough.

It means knowing you are a daughter of the King of Kings.

You have authority that you should be exercising,

And it often looks audacious.

What do you want to see happen around you?

For yourself?

For others?

What do you dream your life will become?

Have you been audacious enough to allow yourself to dream?

Have you found your voice as a woman before the audience of your KIng?

Perhaps it’s time to allow a few audacious dreams and requests

To exit your lips before Him in prayer and in your daily meditations.

I wonder what they could be?

Esther made requests that took incredible guts and boldness.

Her life inspires me to make powerful choices

Audacious requests,

To embark on adventures that are harrowing,

And that require great trust in my God that He will come through for me.

It’s funny because as soon as you pick up the audacious challenge,

You find yourself getting more and more daring in the things you ask of God,

And you find your dreams escalate to a place where they can only be carried out if God is in them,

Which I’m pretty sure is the way it is meant to be.

I’ve found women are so busy asking permission to do something,

Not sure that they’re ‘good enough’

Or have the authority to ask.

It takes audacity to believe you are not only good enough,

But have ‘the goods’ to carry through a dream that you have in your heart.

For many of us women,

We are so busy living in the shadows of our lives,

Rather than full faced into the sun living out our dreams,

Because we are scared that the reality may not measure up to what we imagined.

We are fearful that we will be judged,



Whispered about,

Lose out in some way or disappoint others.

So many things run through our minds when the challenge to step up and be audacious as a woman crosses our field of view.

But I want to encourage you that being an audacious woman,

Is about confronting those preconceptions and fears,

And stepping into a new horizon of possibility and understanding.

I find if your freedom is inhibited then it’s time to be bolder.

Freedom is having the power to be yourself,

To be seen for who you are,

Without having to apologise or compromise.

For many,

It means taking the road less travelled,

Rather than re-treading the same path you’ve passively walked along before.

Maybe it’s time to embrace a bit of audacity in your daily life.

Instead of asking ‘why’,

Maybe it’s time you asked yourself, ‘why not?’

Why can’t I?

What things are stopping me?

Do I feel unworthy or not good enough?

Crack those things with the truth of what God says about you and never look back.

It’s an attitude that may just shove you into a new season and a more fulfilling destiny.

Cate x

The Journey into Audacity

I’ve been studying the word audacity.

As I said in my last post,

Someone felt that it was a word in season for me.

I want to encourage you to explore this word and what it might mean for you at this time of your life

And in the various roles you play.

To recap,

Audacity is simply a willingness to be daring,




Recklessly bold…

I’m learning what it means to be an audacious mum.

And I can’t say I’m down with it yet.

I’m getting there, but it’s causing a huge stretch!

I wouldn’t describe my natural parenting style as audacious.

Far from it.

Rather, I’d describe my approach as peaceable, relaxed, non confrontational…

I’m back in school right now.

Parenting school.

For me, it’s most definitely easier to shrink back,

Especially in the face of conflict.

My natural response,

As a melancholy/phlegmatic personality is to retreat.

It’s to ‘talk through’ the situation with my children,

Find a place of agreement,

Work it out with as little conflict as possible.

Often that means that I take the low road,

I don’t enjoy conflict remember.

But let me explain.

I live in a house with 3 A type personalities,

Two of which are my children (the other is my husband).

It makes for some fun times in our house.

I have no idea what the neighbours think of us.

My only consolation is that they still wave at us when they pull out of their driveways…


A type personalities,

Otherwise known as cholerics,

Are natural ‘bosses.’

They are used to dominating any situation,

Rather than having their situation dominate them.

But you see, this is the thing I’m learning.

It doesn’t matter what kind of personality you have.

In certain circumstances,

You have to supersede your natural bent and sway,

And operate out of a method that is sometimes unnatural to you.

It can potentially stretch you beyond every comfort zone you’ve known.

I have often found myself retreating instead of stepping up to the mark.

Many times.

My natural inclination as a peacemaker,

Rather than have to confront the conflict head on with phrases like,

‘You’ll do this on my terms,’

‘I am the boss’,

‘You will do what you’re told when I say it.’

Rather than letting the strong will of those who I co habit with,

Overrule my authority.

Being audacious as a mum for me means facing conflict head on,

Sometimes slamming it with a sledgehammer.

A sledgehammer of wills,

An exercising of authority that is hardly gentle,

And totally the opposite of what I’d consider normally doing.

But for the sake of my children, my marriage, my sanity,

Being audacious is a requirement in this season of motherhood for me.

What about you?

What areas are you needing to become more audacious in?

Has your authority been overruled and stamped on?

Do you need to become more fearless, more brave, more bold in the choices you make as a mum?

I’ll be looking further into this idea of what it means to be audacious,

As a parent,

As a woman,

As a friend,

As a business person,

As a leader,

As a pastor,

As a writer,

As a musician,

Over the next few weeks.

I hope you can join me on that journey,

And I would love to hear your thoughts.

Cate x

Audacious: Who me?

When things are raw, you probably shouldn’t write.


Yes, probably.

But sometimes it’s all you can do.

All I can do.

I got a word the other day.

A trusted voice told me this wasn’t the time to shrink back.

The word she felt God give me was AUDACIOUS.

It means to be recklessly bold,











Right now,

I feel like being none of these things.

I’ve had a few opportunities to run as far away from this word as possible since it was given,

And to embody the opposite:

Timidity, fear and whatever the opposite of adventurous is.

Living in the status quo and being the same as I’ve always been,

Do the same as I’ve always done.

It costs so much.

For an introvert,

For a woman,

For a mum.

It costs because you’re misunderstood.

It costs because you’re out of your depth, all the time.

It costs because you give it all and then some.

It costs because you are trying to make a way for others who don’t even know it.

It costs because the peace maker in you wants to make everyone happy, all the time.

Sometimes in the headwind,

As you’re entering the gusty howl of the next season,

With its winds of change,

And its icy fingers that try to claw you back to a position of timidity and fear and small dreams,

You want to put on the same coat that kept you warm all these years,

And wrap yourself up and retreat,

Pretending that things will always stay the same,

That you don’t have to push boundaries,

Or overcome fears in order to get to your destination.

That you don’t have to be audacious to enter your new season.

You can just be the same.

But God is shouting at me in this season,


In face of opposition and the fear of doing things differently than I’ve done them before,

He’s saying,

‘Step it up.’


Be bigger Cate.


Develop a greater capacity for resilience from man’s opinion.

Work your audacious muscles.

Don’t be afraid of what people will think when you’re flexing them,

But be confident in who I am and who I have called you to be in this season.

Don’t let intimidation and fear of man put you in a box.

The box no longer exists.

I’ve never been here before.

It’s scary.

Sometimes it’s lonely.

But I know it’s the lane I’m meant to be running in right now.

I’d appreciate your prayers to run it well and with grace.

Cate x